Full STEAM Centers Ahead

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Stephanie, Enrichment Chair and parent of Tie-dyed Tiger Sophie, Third Grade Thunderbolt Amanda, and Village alum Gabriella
Craig, Upper Grade Center Lead and parent of Village Alums Maya and Emily
Louise, Lower Grade Center Lead and Parent of Partying Polar Bear Kayleigh and Busy Bee Juliette


Once again Centers are off and running for the year! Last week, after tremendous planning and preparation by our Enrichment Team, the parents who support and lead the Centers curriculum began engaging our students in fun and curiosity-based learning.

Though it has always been the underlying foundation of the Centers curriculum, this year the program is being formally renamed “STEAM Centers.” STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, and will serve to further clarify the role of this program in our overall whole child educational approach. It will also provide guidance for the selection and development of future Centers subjects and curriculum.

Lower grade Center rotations run for four weeks, with students rotating through seven of the eight Centers offered over the course of the year. Upper grade Center rotations run for six weeks, with students rotating through five of the eight Centers offered over the course of the year. All students are able to voice their preferences on which Centers they would like to attend, and these preferences are taken into account when making Center assignments.

A brief description of each of this year’s STEAM Centers is included here so you can talk with your learner about what she or he is discovering throughout the year. If you have questions or suggestions about STEAM Centers at any time, you can email enrichmentchair@villagehub.org for more information.


Upper Grade Centers

Come to Ceramics this year and have fun working with clay!  We will make things like cups, plates, figures, and bowls by shaping them with different tools and techniques. Then we will glaze (which is painting in ceramics) each piece, and have the pieces fired in a kiln so they will harden and you can enjoy them at home.  We look forward to having you in Ceramics!


Design Thinking
Design Thinking is finding challenges you care about and figuring out how to solve them. You’ll look at the world and the people in it to decide what you can make better. You’ll brainstorm solutions and try them out in the real world. You can really make a change! And if it doesn’t work, you’ll learn a lot by trying!


Lego Robotics
Like Legos? Like robots? Looking to build that robot army to take over the world….or at least your house? We can help! In the Lego Robotics Center, you will learn to build a robot out of Legos. You will also get the opportunity teach the robot how to move around, find its way in the dark, see and not bump into things, and  listen and talk back. What could be more fun?


Are you fascinated by mythology? Together we will delve into the world of Greek mythology. We will discuss Gods & Demigods and explore captivating legends as well as lessons learned from them. We will play games and engage in hands-on activities to reinforce the value of the stories discussed. Lots of fun!


Pioneer Days
What was life like in a covered wagon, traveling out West? Pioneer Days will give you an insight into the daily life of children in the 1830’s. There will be some fun things to do, like cooking period recipes and dressing in costumes.


TED Talks
In TED Talks, you create the “talk” you’ve always wanted to have with your friends about something you have passion and love for. Everyone is an expert at something! Share your excitement and passion for something you love!


The Tennis Center will teach basic skills on receiving and hitting a ball. It will include fun warm warm-up activities and will help you get a feel for both the racket and the ball. Over time, you will learn more skills that will enable you to play lots of fun, cooperative games in a tennis court setting.


Yarn Club
Have you always wanted the opportunity to spend more time working on a project in Yarn Club? Have you been wondering what goes on in Yarn Club? Have you never heard of Yarn Club? Now is your chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about knitting and crocheting. We teach finger knitting and finger crochet, as well as knitting with needles and crocheting with a hook.


Lower Grade Centers

Post Office
The Post Office Center teaches students how the US postal system works by having them run the Village post office. Students will collect, sort and deliver internal mail (e.g. fuzzy grams) to the Village classrooms.  When not delivering mail, students will create postcards, write letters, and learn about the larger US postal system.


Outdoor Games
Students build gross motor coordination and learn cooperative play in outdoor games.  Exercise in the fresh air while having fun and getting to know other students.


Medieval Times  
Learn about the Medieval period and how people lived. Build a castle, become lords and ladies, and learn about knights and the code of chivalry. This class aims to teach students about a historical time period while providing hands-on projects and opportunities for role playing to bring the subject to life.


Chemistry for kids! What is dry ice? How do I make Gak? Students have an opportunity to answer these questions and more with hands-on projects that are part “magic” and part science.


Students learn about bugs and their habitats. Be an entomologist— learn to identify various insects, explore the different parts of bugs, and discover where they are found.


Coding with Beebots
Learn the basics of coding with BeeBots. BeeBots allow you to program simple instructions (forward, right turn, left turn, reverse) that the robots will follow. Give the bot instructions to get it safely through a maze and use teamwork to plan and execute a variety of sequences for it to follow.


Zumba Dance Party
Zumba dance party allows kids to be active in a fun environment. Kids will dance to upbeat music while doing Zumba routines that are geared towards younger participants. Work up a sweat, laugh, and have fun while developing gross motor skills.


Create eco-friendly art projects using everyday items. Make flowers and a paper plate into a sun catcher,  turn an egg carton into a mask, and participate in many more fun projects. Eco Art combines creativity with recycling and lets students turn discarded items into beautiful art pieces.


Photographs of our STEAM Centers in Action


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