20th Anniversary Celebration


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Designed by Village Alum Parent, Heidi King.


20th Anniversary Trivia

Q. Where was Village’s Original Campus?
A. Hazelwood Elementary School (now closed) on Waldo Ave.

Q. In its founding year, how many classes did Village have?
A. There were two combination classes, one Kinder/1st grade and one 2nd/3rd grade. The teachers were Vickie Petkevich and Katy Dalgleish.

Q. How many principals has Village had?
A. There have been 4 principals: Katy Dalgleish, Katie Middlebrook, Stephanie Lykam, and David Wilce.

Q. What is the unofficial school mascot? Do you know where it originated?
A. Have you noticed the frog signs on the interior doors that are labeled, “Sandy’s Pad,” “Elizabeth’s Pad,” and so on? The frog became the unofficial school mascot in Village’s early years when staff and administrators told each other that launching a new school takes “A Leap of Faith.” Rey Giese painted frog signs for the staff in 1995, and has continued to gift lily pads to each new teacher for the last 17 years.

Q. What was the first class pet and what was it’s name?
A. A bunny named Marshmallow.

Q. When Village moved to it’s current location there were only two buildings. What used to be where the building with room 12 through the cafeteria is located?
A. The lawn area.

Q. The first year at our current location, how many teachers were at Village and who were they?
A. There were 5 teachers. They were Lori, Aisling, Elizabeth, Sandy, and Marie.

Q. What was the first year Village had a centers program?
A. 1995! Parents just kept coming in!

Q. Who was the very first art teacher?
A. Elizabeth

Q. How many Village staff members are or have been Village parents (whose kids are still attending or have graduated)?
A. 7. Lori, Jill, Maria, Becky, Michele, Michele (RSP Ed Associate), Roberta, and Elizabeth

Q. How did class names come to be?
A. Class names are tied to Project Cornerstone, promoting a caring school climate. Before classroom t-shirts, the rooms created banners with their class names and used them for school events.

Q. Which teacher made the first class t-shirt?
A. Ms. Sandy made the first class t-shirt for the 2001-2002 school year, Marie Chen made the next shirt… and the tradition grew. The first t-shirt, The Outback Kids, was created as a computer design by Ms. Sandy. If you ask, I’m sure Sandy will be happy to show it to you!

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