Rising Young Author

Village’s own 4th/5th grade Terrific Turtle, Talyn H., was named a recipient of one of the Campbell Unified School District’s 13th annual Rising Young Authors awards. The 11 award recipients were selected from among hundreds of students in grades 3 through 7 who submitted their short stories, essays, research papers and poems for consideration. Talyn’s book, “Fun Games to Play in the Car!” is available for sale on Bookemon.

Congratulations Talyn on winning the Rising Young Author Award! Can you tell us the name of your story, and what it is about?
It is titled, “Fun Games to Play in the Car.” It is a personal narrative about the different games that I love to play while on a road trip. I chose to write a dialogue between my mom and I while we are driving home from our family cabin. I really love to play games in the car with my family.

When and where were you when you heard you won the award?
I wrote the piece while I was in Ms. Roberta’s third grade “Go Go Bananas” class. I had a lot of fun writing and illustrating it. I didn’t hear that I had won the Rising Young Author’s Award until I was in Ms. Jill’s 4th grade class. My mom told me because Principal David had just told her and he was dying for me to know. All the teachers gave me hugs or told me congratulations. I couldn’t believe that they all knew about it.

What was your reaction, and how did it make you feel?
I felt like winning the award wasn’t even possible, I was so excited that I wanted to scream. I couldn’t wait to tell Ms. Roberta. Also Ms. Jill bought my book first and put it on display on her classroom door and that made me feel really special.

Does your story have a message to the reader? If so, what is it?
Well, my book is sort of an instructional manual for the reader. I hope that anyone who reads it will learn a new fun game to play in the car with their friends or family.

What type of stories do you typically like to write?
I usually write fantasy stories. I like making up stories about mythical places and people.

Do you have any advice for a kid who is struggling with writing?
Never give up. Sometimes I start with a picture and that helps me tell the story in my head. Then I can start writing!

Are you working on another story?  What is it about?
I am working on many projects at school. Currently I am working on a “Box of Hope” for my secret classmate. Everyone in my class is making one for someone else. It is a secret project for the person who will receive the box. I am working on poems, illustrations, words of encouragement, and short stories for my secret classmate. My favorite part is making each piece artistic and personal.

Did you do the illustrations in your book?  Do you like to draw?
Oh yes, I think you can tell by my previous answers that I love to draw. That was one of my most favorite parts of my book. I colored almost every square inch of each page.

You are famous now, are you practicing your signature for the book signing event? Cursive or print?
I signed many books at the event. It was the first time that I did my full signature and it was in cursive. Ms. Roberta was there and when I signed her book she said, “look at that beautiful cursive, who taught you how to do that?” I said, “You!!!!”


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