On Board with Lorinda

A Q&A with Lorinda G., Fundraising Chair

Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your professional background? What are your interests?
I’ve been a RN for the past 27 years. My nursing career has evolved through the years, giving two careers so far. I worked as a pediatric bedside nurse for 15 years before I went into a management role. My nurse management positions led me to acquire additional education with an emphasis in workforce planning, recruitment and retention. I currently work for the County of Santa Clara in the Human Resources department.

When I’m not at work or coordinating the fundraising efforts at Village School, I enjoy gardening, bike riding, hiking, fishing and camping with my family.

Tell us a little bit about your family.  What are some things you and your family like to do for fun?
As I mentioned, we enjoy many outdoor activities. One of our favorite activities is spending time at our two-room rustic cabin located in the Diablo Range, where we live off the grid– cooking over an open fire, stargazing, hard work and family time. Lots of fun!

How many years has your family been at Village School?
Our family has enjoyed this learning community for the past 6 years. Our daughter Olivia, who is currently in 6th grade, started as a Kinder, and Jon Louis started two years later.

What originally attracted you to Village, and what keeps you excited about being here?
We have a large extended family, but most live outside the Bay Area. Originally we were looking for a community where our children would be surrounded by friends in a supportive learning environment. What keeps us here? I continue to be inspired by parents, teachers, and families that make Village such a unique public school.

What are some of your favorite and most rewarding moments on campus?
I’ve always had a passion for gardening. Sharing that passion with the community and helping turn what was a large dirt area into the gardens we have today has been a delight. Some of the best days are harvesting days, when the children can pick fruits, vegetables and greens right from the garden. They’ve put in the time watering and caring for the plants. The expressions they have when they bite into a bush ripened blueberry, a vine ripened tomato, or pull their own carrots make all the hours of weeding worth it.

How does your Board job (and those who report to you) work to serve the school community?
We help fund the dreams and plans of our parents and educators. The more successful we are, the more we can we can do to support everyone’s efforts to create and maintain this enriched learning environment for our children.

Village school has an active, vibrant community. How can moms, dads, grandparents, and helpers roll up their sleeves to support Village School in the classroom and on campus?
The best way to support Village is to remain engaged in the community’s activities. Engagement comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s all of our efforts over time that have made Village School what it is today and what will create the Village School of the future.


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