Message from the Golden Phoenixes


Parents, this was written by two of our students, but intended to be a message from our whole class.  If you are interested in more information about modeling media behavior for our kids, please read the following: The data on children’s media use: An interview with Michael Robb


Dear Village School parents,
At recess we have noticed more parents are on your phones instead of watching kids. We ask you to please shut down your phones. A few kids are having problems that they can’t solve themselves. So that is why we would like you to not use your phones. (We know that not all of you are on your phones of course). We ask you to please stop doing this if you are, because it has come up on our Class Meeting agenda several times, and we would like to put an end to it.
We are the older kids at Village, fourth and fifth graders, and we can’t help with every problem or every injury. So we are asking you politely to please watch the kids and help out. We understand that you might have something important to do, but, at recess, please be there for the students at Village. Thank you!
Mathew R., Sara C. and the Golden Phoenixes

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