Spotlight on New Staff

Meet Jerry, Our New Custodian


Tell us a little bit about yourself. For example, where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Bay Area?
I’m a native of Modesto, California, born and raised. I moved to the Bay Area in 2014.

What are your interests outside of Village? What are some things you like to do for fun?
Taking my dogs to the beach, going camping, and playing sports of all kinds.

What made you want to become a custodian/janitor? Do you enjoy the work?
I worked on cars for 25 years. There came a time in my life for some change. Working in the school system not only has its perks, but I also have gotten the opportunity to coach soccer and basketball with the middle schools, which I enjoy very much. Last year my 7th grade boys went to the championship.

What are some of your favorite or most rewarding times of day at school?
When the kids get to be outside playing, smiling, and laughing. The great outdoors is the best thing for children.

Do the students teach you things? If so what do you learn from them?
Kids say the craziest things. I love to hear their stories or opinions on things. They look at things so differently than adults. It’s really interesting to hear what they have to say.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I am grateful to be a part of the Village family. The staff and parents are very nice and helpful. The kids at Village are the best kids I’ve worked with in the whole district. Thank you for letting me be part of this family.


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