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Principal David Wilce

Developing Lifelong Habits

The results of our recent “Thought Survey” show that the comment ranked 6th in importance to our community was “I appreciate the desire to take care of the whole child.” When we think of the “whole child,” we usually mean the social/emotional health of the child. Village School has a rich history of thoughtfully focusing attention on developing more than just academic skills and social emotional skills.

One of the hallmarks of our Village Community, just like any community, is the shared experience of eating together. The daily communal snack is a long-held tradition at Village School. By having one family bring a communal snack for the entire class, one day a month, students have an opportunity to work with their family to create and share a dish with the class that is meaningful and personal, exposing classmates to a food or cuisine they may not have experienced prior. While this poses challenges to ensure that known food allergies are accommodated, and also that high nutritional values and balanced caloric considerations are incorporated into the planning process, it provides an opportunity to discuss with your children the importance of meal planning.

Another opportunity to have a conversation with your child about healthy choices and making good decisions that are beneficial to all is the end-of-day treat on birthdays. Instead of sugary, caloric ice creams and cakes, perhaps a choice piece of seasonable fruit or vegetable would be equally satisfying. During one Halloween Parade, I dressed as the Kalifornia Fresh Carrot (KFC) colonel and gave out carrots to all our students. Children asked for more and more at every passing lap. In just twenty minutes, I gave out eight pounds of carrots, and not a single one ended up on the ground or in the trash. The students ate them all!

CUSD’s Wellness Policy

USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion

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