Student Advocates to End Climate Change

By Stella B., Student in Mr. Andy’s Festive Foxes class

My name is Stella Blameuser and I’m a 4th grader in Mr. Andy’s class. I have gone to every class talking about climate change. I showed my Google slides about what it is doing to our earth and what we can do to help.

Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rising of the average Earth surface temperatures and rising of sea levels. One of the causes is by people putting things in the trash and it goes to land-fill and the garbage burns and puts toxic stuff in the air. Some stuff you can do to help is when you go to a coffee place or somewhere else bring a reusable glass and get food that is in glass containers or something that you can reuse. Also thinking about going on a plant based diet is very good for the Earth. Even better become a vegetarian and, if you eat meat, get it from a locally-sourced place. Another thing is, when you go on a trip, just know that one mile can put 1lb of CO2 in the air and, if the place you’re going is not that far, then ride a bike or walk! Gas is CO2 and CO2 is really bad for the air. Cars that are electric are really good, like a Tesla.

These are a couple things to help climate change, learn more about it and look up Greta Thunberg. She’s a big helper on climate change and she goes to places and talks about climate change and how people don’t even know it’s real and don’t even think it is. If you could do some of these things, it will really help climate change and that will be real good because this is affecting our Earth as we speak.

We’ve started a climate change club at school and all your students are invited to join. We’ll be learning and thinking about what we can do at school to help stop climate change!


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