School vs. Homeschool


As this completely crazy school year draws to a close, our Rad Reading Raccoons take a moment to reflect — which is better, school ‘at school’ or school ‘at home’? The results were clear, but far from unanimous. Check out our poll, and read a few of their opinions!



Social distancing is good

By Mason W.

Did you know that in the U.S. the deaths on 5/20/2020 the deaths on that day have gone down to 105? In my opinion I think that social distancing is good. Reason one: it lowers your risk of getting coronavirus so you don’t have to get other people sick either. The evidence of that is because basically all people who social distanced are healthier than people who didn’t social distance. Reason two: it lowers other peoples risk of getting coronavirus so they don’t have to get other other people sick either (sorry if that doesn’t make sense). The evidence of that is because basically all people who social distanced are healthier than people who didn’t social distance (again). Third reason: you can stay healthier, people who’ve social distanced are most likely healthier than people who don’t. The evidence of that is because it’s less likely to get the coronavirus or any other virus because you’re farther away. Last reason: the doctors (and nurses) aren’t as overwhelmed. The evidence of that reason is because less people will get sick with the coronavirus. I think that social distancing is one way to still be able to go out to certain places and still stay healthier.


BOO to Homeschool!

By Lilah F.

Raise your hand if you like real school better than homeschool. *Pauses while everyone’s hands shoot up.* These are the reasons I think that… Reason 1, you actually get to see people. You may be saying “We do get to see people.” Well yeah, you get to see neighbors on walks. That’s totally different. I’m talking about actually talking to people, hugging your friends and that kind of stuff. No arguing? Good. Okay, you also get to be somewhere other than your house, “Hooray!” Because right now I can’t go ANYWHERE unless it’s on a short walk or bike ride. Okay, I think I’m getting the hang of this. So thirdly, you don’t have to be on a screen all day to do any work. I have to be on a screen, and I’m thankful that Ms. Asling is taking all this time to transfer all our work, really but I also don’t get as much time outside as I used to. Last, but not least, it’s easier to ask questions. Yes, we have ways of asking questions but it takes days for people to answer. So in conclusion, I am really really really sick of homeschool and I’m sure you are too!


Yay for School at School!

By Vivienne B.

We’ve been doing online school at home for 52 days, but it has felt like a million days!!! I really MISS going to school! Going to school at school is much better than doing school online at home! First of all, at school you get to see all of your friends and your teacher, while at home you only get to see your teacher and friends in videos, like on Zoom. Second, at school your teacher can help you right away, but when you’re at home your teacher isn’t there to help and if you ask her for help it may take awhile — Maybe even a day or two, by then you probably figured it or forgotten the question! Third, school at school you get to play with your friends on the playground and make up fun games, you can’t really do that on the ipads because you can’t really go in the same place. Lastly, when you are at school you get to walk around and say “hi” to everyone which is something that I love, but at home there really isn’t many people to say “Hi” to, except your family and that doesn’t feel the same! In conclusion school at school is better and I am hoping that we get to see and learn at school soon!!



By Mason W.

school is important
you get more intelligent
school is essential


homeschool isn’t fun
I don’t get to learn as much
homeschool is boring


I wish homeschool ends
I need to go to school soon
we need to go back


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