5th Graders Reflect & Bid Farewell

It’s hard to believe that six years have passed and it’s now time to send these amazing, strong, creative, thoughtful, kind, insightful human beings out into the wonderful world of middle school. Before they signed off for the summer, they took some time to reflect on their Village experience, and to say thank you and farewell to their elementary school years. Read their reflections below.

Miles V.

When I think about Village school, I think about my friends, kind teachers, fun learning projects and field trips! When I started at Village I was in 3rd grade. I had already been to two different schools. I told my mom we finally found the right school for me. If I was told today I had to do Village school all over again, I would! Village taught me how to be a good person and care about people and my community. I will miss Village school, now that I am headed off to middle school this year.

Ben F.

I am glad to have village as my elementary school. I have had lot of great experiences here including Sacramento, kid town, the talent show, Science camp, field trips and end of the year celebrations and other fun projects. I have made lots of friends and have had many exceptional teachers. In conclusion Village is the best school I could have.

Yumiko I.

I would like to thank all of the Village School teachers for being so loving and inviting. Ms. Lori has been so kind and loving and Ms. Gretchen has been fun to be around every year. Ms. Aline made the year go by so quickly and when we got to do cooking with Ms. Gina we were so excited! Ms. Elizabeth was so generous and Mr. Chris has been a fun. Ms. Aisling is so nice and we had such a memorable year together. Even though I didn’t get to spend much time with Ms. Roberta or Ms. Michele they were always calm and collected. Ms. Jill has been so fun and silly. Out of all of our teachers Mr. Andy probably had the most drama with our class this year and I think that he deserves a special thanks for staying calm. Ms. Talia was also so understanding and wonderful to be around and talk to. So all in all I would like to thank the teachers of Village School for making elementary school such a welcoming and great experience.

Sevin S.

Through all the years at Village, it has always been a very fun adventure. From the moment I entered the school all the staff were so welcoming and kind to me, and were all very supportive. The centers we had were very fun and taught me a lot about science, math, history and much more. I also enjoyed kid town in first grade which was a very great experience of working a job. Everyone was so kind and caring.The special field trip to Sacramento for fourth graders was wonderful and taught me a lot as well. If I had a bloody nose, a loose tooth, or a scrape on my arm our teachers were always there for me. It was also very fun fundraising with events and sales at our school for our own science camp trip. My experience at Village was like no other and I am so sad to say goodbye, I wish I could stay forever but one thing this school has taught me was to keep going and not to back down, I will never forget Village and the friendships I have made.

Damian A.

Teachers and parents, I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for teaching me and helping me if I didn’t know things. I want to thank you for making my time at Village School great, from field trips to centers and science to math, reading, P.E., art and music, I’ve felt supported and have learned so much. Thank you for guiding me throughout these five years. Here are some of my favorite memories: In kindergarten, Ms. Lori gave us Fancy Flamingos free time on Friday afternoons to do whatever we wanted. I loved playing games on the iPads, playing with the tiny bears and making forts with the blocks. In 1st grade Magic Pencils with Ms. Gina and Mr. Andy, I remember the fun I had doing Kids Town. In 2nd grade with Ms. Elizabeth, I liked drawing my jaguar for our Generous Jaguars class picture. In 3rd grade Aloha Pineapples with Ms. Aisling, I loved the math and word puzzle activities. I had Ms. Jill for 4th grade (Night Wolves) and 5th grade (Parachuting Pandas). My favorite activity in 4th grade was freewriting with Harrison. We wrote a couple of chapters in a book we called The Island. In 5th grade, even though we had shelter in place, I still got to hang out with my friends and see my class online in Zoom meetings. Finally, special thanks go to Ms. Becky, Principal Xyzzy, Principal David, and Ms Veronica for helping with problems or helping with cuts and teeth. Thank you for being the greatest community and village ever!

Konstantin K.

Village has brought me a lot of things in my 5 years. Things that stand out most are the field trips, or grade activities like Kid Town . Kid Town is where the 1st graders create shops like bakeries or ice cream shops and other stores. When everyone is done setting up their shops, half of the class goes shopping and the other half stays at there shops. You get spending money by being helpful and nice to the teacher. Then there are field trips to many very interesting places like Sacramento (that was probably my favorite) and the Monterey Aquarium. Field trips are very fun and exciting but also very informative. But the teachers are probably the best about Village. I really liked them because they are so nice and you are always welcome back to stay and help, even if you are in a higher grade. I also like that even if you are in fifth grade your third grade teacher still helps you and says hi every time you see them. I will miss Village School, my teachers and many classmates moving on to Middle School.


Adam P.

I had a great time at Village. I think it was the best school I have gone to (and I have been to many) because all the teachers are always high spirited and caring, all the students are all so nice. I came into 4th grade from Capri, I was greeted and welcomed very nicely. It is a small school so it was easy for me to get to know everyone quickly and make good friends.

Thank you Ms.Michele for greeting me kindly when I first came to Village, you are an awesome teacher, very open minded and caring for all of your students.

Good memories I will keep from Village are all the field trips, all the fun activities like the end of year party, halloween party, camping trip and Centers. I loved doing the Swedish baseball center with my mom and I would really want to do woodworking but I can not because of the virus.

I will miss my friends that are not going to Rolling Hills. I am thankful to the teachers and parents who all work very hard to keep us happy and learning. I am sad I have to stay at my house for my last year at Village. I will always remember the Village community. Hope to see you again.


Weston W.

As I reflect on what I have done at Village School, I want to thank the entire Village community. The wide variety of activities were fun. They put loads of joy into me and the class. From things like taking notes on a math lesson, to making S.T.E.A.M projects, the teachers always try their best to make a task fun. I have accomplished a majority of my academic goals throughout my time at Village. Unfortunately, now I have to say goodbye to it.


Chad M.

The thing I like most about Village is the people. The people are very kind, truthful and helpful. For example, three teachers reached out to me when I moved away and they sent kind messages. I also like centers and science. P.E., Maker’s space and Poetry were also fun. The projects were very special and it made Village School unique. One of my favorite projects, from Ms. Maria, was building a grizzly bear out of cans, newspaper and duct tape with my friend. It was on display for the science fair along with many different animals that other kids made. What also makes Village unique is the staff, teachers and the special things that they do and create for us students, such as taking in information and researching to make these special projects and not only to make projects, but to make Village what it is. I will not forget Village. It was a great experience and I was very lucky to go there.


Macy N.

I joined village in 2nd grade. I was angry that I had to switch schools since I’d already switched schools twice, but that was the best switch I had ever made. Village is such a small nice little community and I love that. They also have lots of parent participation which is really nice. Also, I met so many new friends. I loved P.E, Art, centers, science, and music. At my old schools we didn’t have that, and now that I do, I appreciate it a lot. The events at Village like the talent show, different bake sales, the Halloween carnival, the Village school camping trip, and the opportunity for a student to make their own club is really and truly incredible. The teachers are caring, kind, and very passionate about their job and make sure to make everyone feel welcome. Thank you Village school, for giving me the best 4 years of my life.


Dalia C.

My time at Village was AMAZING. I loved it so, so, SO much, and I really wish that I didn’t have to leave. I want to thank the staff and everybody at Village for doing everything that they do! Thank you for always being there for me and making Village the BEST school in the world!! Thank you :)


Jake H.

I am privileged to have come to Village School. At Village It’s a bunch of fun, you get to experience Field trips, Centers, Science, Sacramento, Science camp, kid town, talent shows, and The End Of The Year Celebration. They are many good things about village One great thing is how we learn. We learn in very cool ways To make everything that we learn The best that it can be. Lastly, You get to meet great people and awesome teachers.


Harrison H.

As I reflect on my wondrous time at Village I remember a little kinder coming for the first time, the many field trip I dear remember, the thoughtful teachers and staff who helped me grow, the friends I made and problems we solved, the ups and downs the happiness and sadness we all feel to leave a place we spent half are life learning in and the humble feelings we will never forget, that stamp in are life forever, I will miss you Village.


Eli L.

I don’t even know were to start. Village has been such an amazing experience.

Whenever I come to school feeling down there is always someone who cheers me up. I have always felt so fortunate that I got in to Village and got to meet all the amazing people who work at Village and all the amazing kids who were in my classes or stood up for or played with me at recess.

The Village teachers really do a really good job figuring out ways to make lessons fun and enjoyable but still practical and informative. Like for instance, kid town. In any other school kids would just sit and learn about economics but at village we set up shops and sell stuff and learn how to ration out our money so we can get the stuff we really want. We also learn not just to do something because it is expensive or other people like it.

In summary I will always remember Village as the best 6 years of my childhood.


Rehane B.

I am so sad to see my time at Village School come to an end. Just yesterday it felt like I was in kindergarten. I remember how kind everyone was and how I made friends the moment I walked in the door. The teachers and staff are so supportive, kind, funny and just so overall amazing. They make school so fun, time really does fly.

Like I said before I am so sad to see my time at Village School end. I hope that every student that comes to Village sees how great the school really is. Soon, I will be a 6th grader at a new school. But, no school I will ever go to will be as great as Village.

And Lastly, I would like to thank everybody at Village for everything they have done to make village such a supportive, amazing, kind and memorable place.


Jack C.

I think that village is a amazing school with so many learning opportunity’s. We have such amazing teachers and there are teaching us something new every day. I hope the next 5th grade class has an amazing year just like the year before it.


Dash S.

Village is unlike any other school. It’s unique in it’s own special way. That is what I like most about it. I was very lucky to get to go here for six years. It’s very small in a good way. Everybody knew everybody. When you go to village it’s like being apart of a giant family. And every year when the 5th graders leave it feels different but also exiting because there are new people to meet.


Bella H.

I will miss this school very much. I couldn’t imagine a better school than Village, with the creative ways of learning and amazing staff. This school led me to my friends, to my education, and I will be very sad to say goodbye to this school that I will hold in my memories forever.


Amaya R.

“I am so sad that my time has come to leave the village family. There has been ups and downs, to laughing with my friend to stretching my brain on hard math problems. I am excited to move on, but I will never forget the time when we lined up and Ms Jill came up to the line and we all yelled “TEN HUT” and we all shared a laugh, and the time when I had my b-day and I chose to say hashtag save the turtles and everyone repeated that while singing to me, that tradition is the best ever I will miss that. All in all, I am excited to be in middle school, but I will always miss and cherish the time I had at village school.


Colin W.

Village was a super friendly School. I love Centers and that we get a lot of field trip. I like that are parents get to work at school. the Staff and Teachers make learning fun. it so fun when we have the Talent Show. Village is a awesome School.


Jack R.

The best thing about Village is the friends I’ve made in the past 5 years. Thank you to the staff who is always there to help when I need them. Thank to all of my teachers for every thing you taught me, especially Andy and Roberta I will miss Village and everyone in it.


Sloan H.

Village, Village, come and go.
Village, Village, sun and snow.
Village, Village, land and sea.
Village, Village, a good place to be.


Annalee D.

I have so many amazing experiences with every person at Village. I would like to thank all of the Village parents and staff that work out of there own time to make Village School a better and unique place. Village School takes a very big part in my heart that I will always cherish forever. I had the awesome opportunity to be in this wonderful school with so many awesome kids, parents, and staff. I love that we can all talk about our problems whether it is a problem at home or at school and everyone always does their best to help in any way.I hope that each and everyone of the students will have an awesome and the best experience at Village School like I did.

I hope that I go to a school as great as Village School but I know that no other school will be as amazing as Village School. I am sad that I will be going to have to say good bye to this school and everyone I met but I know I will visit and say “”Hi”” to everyone again soon. I hope to visit as much as I can and very soon.


Dillon W.

I first came to Village School in kindergarten. The teachers that I had were Ms. Lori, Ms. Aline, Mr. Chris, Ms. Roberta, and Ms. Jill. Ms. Aline had a cute turtle called Kiki, Mr. Chris had a really nice lounge in his classroom, and Ms. Jill had a lot of frogs everywhere. I don’t really remember much about my classmates until fourth grade, where I met my friends for the next two years.


Christopher R.

I had a great time at village school, I made lots of friends, I have learned a lot of things: Math, Reading, Science, and more. I have achieved goals and grown, and fifth grade has been the best grade so far!


Nathaniel E.

my reflection on village school is good. Village school was really fun. the teacher’s and parent’s helped me whenever I needed help. and all the kid’s are very nice.


Mia D.

Very thoughtful
I love Village!
Amazing school
Grateful for you!

Hard working
Open minded



Facundo V.

my time at village was so fun becuse we did so much thing for each other. also i had the most fun at village.


Dalton B.

It was fun the field trips are fun to.


Chelsea C.

V ery generous
I ncredibly amazing
L oved by everyone
L ined with awesomeness
A one of a kind
G loriously wonderful
E ffective and easygoing



May M.

I would like to say “Thank You.” to all of the Village School Parents, Students, Staff Members, Teachers, and Visitors. you are always so kind and helpful. It saddens me to not be able to hug, say bye, or see any of you. Thank you parents for making sure every one is having a good time and being safe. Also, Thank you for helping everyone and volunteering. Thank you students for being kind and helping out when it is needed. A special thanks to my friends for being there when I need you and being there when everybody else needs someone to talk to, or someone to help. Thank you Staff members for keeping our school running, safe, clean, and fun. Thank you teachers for teaching us things we need to know and keeping us laughing with all those great senses of humor (Don’t ever lose those by the way.), And being there for us when we need someone. And thank you Visitors. Thank you former students who drop by to say hello. Thank you family members who say hello and help out. Thank you to the whole Village School Community for being who you are.


Quinn S.

My time at Village school was fun,
from six years ago when this story begun.
But now it’s drawing to a close,
I will always remember this school, it glows.
Me learning and playing with my friends,
has been a great time high fives! High tens!
My friends and the teachers have all been great,
while P.E and Music always made me elate.
I will never forget this wonderful school,
and the people who teach in it, it is so very cool!


Leandro C.

“Dear Village Community,
My five years at Village helped me to grow beyond what I could ever imagined. The support of all the teachers and staff has made me happier than ever. Thanks for all the people who have encourage me. This wonderful community made a difference in my life!


Sophia D.

I loved village so much and I would have never thought that I would be ending my time at village at home :C but then again who would village is the best school EVER and it always will be. I will visit of course and never forget this school leaving this wonderful place is heartbreaking but thank you to all the teachers that have got me to where I am now and thank you to just the whole staff for making this wonderful school wonderful! hope to see you guys soon enough!!


Aubrina S.

I remember my first day of kindergarten being nervous. I went into my classroom feeling very welcomed and invited. Ever since that day I have never felt nervous on the first day because I always know that no matter what I will be welcomed into the classroom. Village School is a very kind school and everyone will feel safe when you are there.


Joanna H.

I’ve had so much amazing experiences here at Village School. So many people have helped me out throughout these past years. I have learned so much and will always remember the great times I’ve had at Village. I like how our school is so positive and and innovated with our problems. We are lucky to have more fun events than other schools. For example, field trips, parties and more! I hope to come visit some time soon.

Giovanna P.

I will always remember Village school. There were a lot of things I loved about this school. A few of my favorite things were field trips, Art, Writing, Kid town, and Library. The first couple years I enjoyed going to the garden and looking for insects. I also enjoyed 2nd and 3rd grade. The teachers at Village are helpful and kind. Some centers I enjoyed were leather crafts and ceramics. I also really loved the camping trip because I could pretty much go anywhere on my bike with my friends and without supervision. I liked the Halloween carnival too. I think Village school will be a good memory for me.


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