Civil Rights Reflections

In honor of MLK Jr. Day, our Online Otters pondered the question, “How can you use the actions or words of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks to help make the world a better place?” Their answers remind us that the next generation of citizens are truly a force to be reckoned with!

Austin Y.

I can make the world a better place by making sure everyone is being fair and kind to each other.


Azariah G.

I think what they did really impacted my life. Also, I have a better opportunity in life because my family worked really hard.


Bidane G.

I will use my words if anyone says no you can’t play or I don’t like your background. What you need is yourself.


Brooke M.

I learned that they both liked to peacefully protest and they both wanted to make the world a better place. I can use their actions if I feel like something is unfair and I could peacefully protest. I could stand up and speak up for myself and others when I see something unfair happening.


Caitlyn C.

Martin Luther King, was an amazing person, I can’t imagine what we could do without him. The changes this amazing man did for our country. If this amazing person didn’t do what he did I don’t even know what the world would be like. I wish I could meet him and thank him for what he did for us.


Emilia L.

You can fight for what you think is right without bullets and fists. So if you think something is wrong fight for it peacefully.


Hailey M.

I can remember how brave they were when I’m in situations where somebody is being treated wrong. I can try to be an upstander like they were.


Henry H.

I can peacefully protest like in Black Lives Matter.


Lauren H.

I can use their action to make the earth a better place by peacefully participating in protests.


Lila P.

Martin Luther King jr. was a good guy but he was also good because wasn’t shooting guns at people.


Lucy F.

I think that Rosa Parks was really really brave.


Mason W.

I learned that peacefully protesting is better in general than violent protesting.


Mateo R.

I learned that I should stand up for others and not bully. I also learned that all people should be able to do anything. How I can help the world be a better place is that when I’m able to vote I won’t vote for a terrible person.


Natalie T.

If something is unfair, speak up and say something.


Perri K.

I can stand up for what I believe in.


Presley U.

To make the world a better place I can use their actions or words to help me get back up and their words will inspire me to help the world!


Robby S.

His I have a dream speech was really moving.


Sam Y.

Martin Luther King never gave up. He stood up for himself and for the people.


Vivienne B.

I could stand up for what is right like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.


Zara F.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil right trailblazer, who played a major part in paving the path to where we are today in terms of civil rights. We still have a long way to go, but he showed us how to peacefully protest against inequality. I can carry on his legacy by peacefully protesting for what’s right, and never giving up.


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