Recess Fun in First Grade

Curious Caterpillars adapt to online learning using Zoom Breakout Rooms


By Danae C., Mom to Curious Caterpillar Nikolai

Although parent volunteers have a very different structure this year, our Classroom Coordinator Bianca K. has worked with teachers Talia and Gina to create a program for the Curious Caterpillars that retains our Village values. Two parents a day are assigned to be Recess Breakout Room Monitors for about 30 minutes. Each week, a student is assigned the classroom job of choosing the theme for the daily recess breakout rooms. Some of the popular themes in our class are Forts, Snack & Chat, Art and Cozy with Stuffed Animals and Holidays. Parent volunteers go into a breakout room with their child and remind students of etiquette and class rules as needed. My son cannot wait for his next turn to choose the theme so that he can create a Chemistry-themed breakout room!

Students can choose one of the two breakout rooms or stay in the main room and talk to whoever is there, ask the teacher a question or turn off their cameras and take a Zoom break. The students often want to show each other toys or projects, ask a question or draw together. We have played Scarecrow and I Spy. I observe students explaining their favorite games or shows. I’m impressed at how quick the children are to remind each other to let others have a turn to talk. The small group format allows them to have a more sustained dialogue than they are able to during regular class times. I love helping to keep the spirit of Village school alive.









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