5th Grade Student Reflections


Reflections of an Online Otter

By Austin L.

I would like to thank all the Village staff for making my six years at Village The best six years of my life, even during COVID. I will miss all the field trips and friends that I had, but I will remember village school forever. I am sad to leave Village but I am glad to start at a new school. I will miss all the great people that have taught me to be a better person.

By Bidane G.

When I think about Village I think of it as my happy place. Everyone accepted me as me and I could not have wished for anything better.My most of all favorite teachers was Aline when she gave me my first chicken. They were all I could think of and they were harmless. I loved that you were filled with good deeds.My third grade teacher or should I say disney princess was also one of my favorites. She brought me joy when my bucket was empty and made sure nothing could get in my way. She was the same for many other students but the way she did it brought me joy. Ms. Michele was my favorite of all teachers. I do not know how I deserved her for two years but they were my favorite two years of my whole life. She helped me during distance learning when my dog died and many more things. She was one of the reasons I am not afraid to let my wings go and fly to become a 6th grader.I guess Village is my fairytale with a great beginning and the best ending.


By Brook M.

I’m sad seeing village school coming to an end. I’ve been here for 5 years. Although I’m leaving I have some amazing memories. Especially kid town when I was in 1st grade we were thinking of shop ideas we came up with a candy store. I got to work there with my friends. Another great memory was when I went to the Monterey Bay aquarium I saw so many animals it was amazing. I hope other people have fun and make some amazing class names!


By Caitie C.

I started Village in kindergarten, I was scared. I just left my preschool and didn’t know what to expect from that. We started activities and I completely forgot I was nervous or scared. I felt welcome and comfortable in my own skin. To this day in 2021 I no longer feel nervous or scared. Once I hit 1st grade I was ecstatic. Everyone was pretty nice, But who can blame them. It was first grade! I was learning a lot of different essential things that I still use today. Year after year my brain grew and expanded. I can see my growth from past pictures and videos how far I have come. It makes me downhearted to know this is my last year at Village, considering that I spent a year and a half on Zoom! Because of this virus I didn’t get to help others very much. But I’m still grateful i’m here for now. I will miss this school greatly. I will visit some days and help around, hopefully not using hand sanitizer every time before I touch something. Great memories and great people I hope to stay in contact with. All I can really say is..Thank you.

This adventure I’ve had here is unexplainable. Thank you, Teachers, Parents, Friends, And Family.

By Emilia L.

I have been at Village since kindergarten and I have loved this school since. I have loved everything about this school, especially the teachers. I was lucky to have the teachers I had because they helped to make me who I am today. My favorite things about Village are, the fun field trips we would go on once a month and the virtual ones we did to fill in the space for the ones we missed. The class projects that we would work hard on and have fun with showing our parents, coming up with class names and voting on which one would be the class name for the year. The park play dates were my favorite part of the year because after the summer we would see our friends and see all of the new faces too. The park playdate from my kindergarten year was my favorite because a girl my age who is now my good friend came up to me and gave me a birthday present before we knew each other. This was my favorite memory because that act of kindness was so sweet and amazing to see and I still have that present today. I love math and ELA because we would always have fun projects and cool assignments that made learning fun. I have been able to thrive in this Village learning environment since I was in kindergarten, learning new things everyday. I have made many friends since kindergarten and some of them have moved away but I was fine because this Village community helped me to know I have other friends who love me. I especially want to say thank you to all of the Village staff because they would help to take care of me if I was having trouble or if I needed some help. I have many friends with both the students and the teachers and staff. This Village community is something that gave me so many opportunities to learn and be who I am, and I look forward to going on my next adventure with all that Village has done to prepare me for the future. Village School is something I will miss with all of my heart but I can’t wait to come back and see all of the staff and all of my friends.

By Gabriel S.

Fourth grade was last year and I remember being in person all year. In Fifth grade we only got a month of in person school with the fourth graders too.

My fifth grade year was full with very rare experiences from my teachers. Why you may ask? Well because we only got ONE month to be in person. Which I guess is fine but again then you wouldn’t get much time to catch up / talk as much with your friends over the school year.

By Hailey M.

My experience at Village was amazing. All the teachers, staff members and even parents have been there for each and every one of the students here. The Kindergarten teachers were always so sweet and kind and so perfect to start my experience of Village with. Almost all the people at Village are so kind and respectful to everyone. Something that’s super special about Village that I loved is reading buddies. Reading buddies is when a fifth, fourth or third grader reads to a kindergartener, or a second or first grader. One of my favorite things that happened in first grade is kid town. Kid town is a super fun thing where everyone gets in groups and you make a shop and we would work shifts so half of the class was working and half of the class was shopping. There were so many fun shops and it was super cool being able to work. Second grade was also a super fun year. One of my favorite things that happened in second grade was we did a little Olympic ceremony because the Olympics were happening that year so it was very special. In third grade my teacher did this really cool thing where we would have class jobs and then we would earn fake money and then she had a little shop that we could shop at. And then of course 4th and 5th grade have been so amazing. I’ve had such a wonderful time at this school I will miss it.

By Henry H.

Through these five years of being at Village School I have been challenged and supported. On my first day I was welcomed by Ms Gretchen and my other classmates. Going on through the years I made a friend that I still have today. In first grade I had a lot of fun interacting with the other children in “kid town”. First grade was a great experience for me thanks to Ms Aline and I wished I could do it again. In second grade I was in Ms Elizebeth’s class and I made friends that I have today. Second grade was a great experience and it helped mold me into what I am today. In third grade I met my best friend Gabriel. He and I played a lot and worked together a lot and still do today. Although there was a race to get the VR goggles and he won and I was 38 dollars away in the job shop, I loved third grade. In fourth/fifth grade I was in Ms Michelle’s class and I liked the two p.e.’s in fourth grade but not so much in fifth grade because they got rid of my favorite P.E. teacher Ms C. That’s all I have to say about the marvel that is Village School.

By Lauren H.

Village is an amazing school. When I went to Village in kindergarten I felt unsure and nervous but when Ms.Lori welcomed me into the classroom I felt that I was welcomed and that I would have a fun time in Village. Village is an amazing place with all the fun activities like centers, music, art, P.E., Kid town and many more fun activities. All my teachers were so nice Ms.Lori was nice and welcoming which made my first year at Village fun and exciting. Ms.Gina and Mr.Andy (Andy teached first grade at the time) were nice and fun, which made leaving first grade really hard. But when I got into Mr. Chris’s classroom I knew that second grade was going to be fun, especially with a funny teacher like Mr.Chris. Going into third grade made me feel nervous like I was re-starting kindergarten because it was my first year in upper-grade. When I walked into Ms. Aisling’s classroom I felt like I was going to have a super fun time in third grade and I did all thanks to Ms. Aisling. Going to fourth grade was even more nervous because I was sharing a room with fifth graders that were way bigger than me, but they all welcomed me and made me feel welcomed. Ms. Michele made my fourth and fifth grade year fun even though most of the school year was online. As a fifth grader I had fun helping the fourth graders and meeting new friends. I will miss Village school.

By Mateo R.

Kindergarten – Kindergarten was my first year at Village so there was a lot to learn about the school. I remember meeting my first friends at Village Sebastian and Austin, who would eventually come to be some of my best friends.

First Grade – In first grade I was in Sebastian and Austin’s class again, I was super excited to be with my friends from last year. In first grade we got to do something called kid town where we got to shop at different places. I was running a costume rental shop where you could rent a costume and wear it for an hour then you had to return the costume.

Second Grade – In second grade I had Mr. Chris, who was a really nice teacher. He had a guitar that he played when we were cleaning up, and he would sing to us. I was also excited because we got to make a slideshow to teach people about a certain topic we were researching about.

Third Grade – In third grade I had Ms. Aisling, I remember reading a lot of her various collections of books and making taco trucks to sell tacos. We also had a taco party at the end of the year where we got to make tacos to eat.

Fourth Grade – In fourth grade I got Ms. Michele, I really enjoyed doing our mission reports, learning about native americans and learning about California’s vast history.

Fifth Grade – In fifth grade I got Ms. Michele again, I was really excited to be with Ms. Michele for another year. Most of the year we had to do distance learning because of a virus, but we eventually got to go back to school. When we got back to school I was really excited to see my friends again.

By Perri K.

Village School is such an amazing place and I’ll miss it. I will miss my teachers who have supported me over the years, all of them are so nice and friendly. I’m sad to leave but I’m excited to go to middle school. I’ll miss all the cool things we can do at Village like kid town, centers, and field trips. I will always remember Village School.

By Presley U.

Village is not just a school, it is a community. It does not only teach us math, reading, and writing but it teaches us how to be a better person. It was the first place that felt like home to me other than my house because I had awesome teachers and friends that I felt comfortable around there. So every day I wake up and I get all ready for school excited to see my friends and find out what we are doing that day. I have a bunch of great memories at Village like the party palooza, kid town, the halloween parade and festival, spirit days, and the talent show. I also remember at the end of summer I would get super excited and nervous to see which teacher I had and what friends I would have in my class. I am sad that I am leaving Village but I made amazing friends that I will keep forever. Village has taught me all I need to know to make new bonds so I am sure I will make more.

By Robby S.

I am sad to be leaving Village. It is a really great school and it was really fun. I liked the centers, PE and art, but my favorite thing about Village was the field trips. The field trips were the best because we would go somewhere and do fun activities, while learning stuff too. Whenever someone gets hurt the parents are there to help. I will miss Village very much.

By Sebastian E.

Kindergarten – When I first came to Village School in kindergarten for the first week I never made any friends. I felt kind of lonely but one day a kid named Leo sat next to me at lunch. He was really shy too but after lunch we became best friends and we even helped each other make more friends. By the end of the month I knew everyone in my class and I did not feel alone anymore.

First Grade – When I came to first grade I made some new friends. First grade was fun because I got to meet new people. My favorite part of it all was doing kid town. It was the best. I loved running a business and shopping. My favorite shop was the hot chocolate shop.

Second Grade – Over the summer my best friend Leo moved to Nevada. It made me really sad but I met a new Friend. His name was Sunyar. He liked soccer and I loved soccer so we became fast friends. Mr Chris was an amazing teacher. At the end of the day he would let us shoot basketball hoops and when we were doing our independent work he would play a song on his guitar.

Third Grade – Third grade was amazing. Ms Aisling would give us a lot of time to read. In that class I made lots of friends. I remember doing reading buddies before it was older kids reading to us now it was us reading to first grade, my reading buddy was a lot of fun and didn’t really goof off so it was easy to read to him.

Fourth Grade – In fourth grade I met my amazing teacher, Ms Michele. She was a lot of fun and she joked around which was a lot of fun. I also met the fifth graders who were so kind to me and the rest of the fourth graders. I became good friends with them. I was kind of bummed out when COVID 19 happened and the fourth graders couldn’t go to Sacramento and the fifth couldn’t go to Walden West. But Ms Michele made it work during online school she made it fun and exciting.

Fifth Grade – My best friend Sunyar moved schools which I was sad about and the fifth graders left Village so I was really bummed out and this was my last year of Village. But Ms Michele made it work and we became good friends with the fourth graders during online school. In the time of online school the presidential election was held and we got our new president. And scientists made a vaccine for the virus so we got to go back to school with masks. And we are able to play with our friends again with restrictions. And we got through COVID 19 together. So I want to thank our amazing teacher Ms Michele for making my last year the best year.

By Zara F.

The Village staff, parents, teachers, and kids have been so kind to me throughout the six years I have been here. I remember when I made my first friend at Village; it was before the year even started, at one of the two ‘park playdates’ where the new kindergarten classes would meet to get to know each other. My mom knew another woman who was sending her kids to Village, and she told me to give a gift to her daughter, whose birthday had just passed. I walked over to her, said simply “Hi. My mom told me it’s your birthday. Here you go!”, and passed her the present. That was the start of a friendship that would last my whole time at Village, and hopefully longer. Village has taught me to have respect, make good choices, and solve problems. I have taken field trips, done projects, cooked, weaved, read, and altogether had so much fun. My learning and knowledge has grown so much under the care of such amazing teachers. Though I am soon to be leaving this amazing school, I will always keep my teachers and friends close to my heart. To me, Village has always been more than a school. It’s a family.

Reflections of a Flaming Fire Dragon

By Stella B.

I really am going to miss Village School. I will miss seeing all the smiling faces, all my great teachers, and my friends that won’t be going to the same middle school as me. I have so many memories of Village school that I will never forget. In kinder grade I loved the morning when one of my parents would read to me. In first grade I loved kid town that was probably the highlight of the year. In second grade I loved doing research about the Sydney Opera House during genius hour. In third grade we made a mini Native American village which I loved doing. In fourth grade we got to learn a lot about Sacramento even though we didn’t get to go there it was lots of fun. And in fifth grade we went to do science camp. I didn’t get to go but it was still so much fun.

I am going to really miss village school. I have so many memories that I will never forget about village and I hope that I will get to visit sometime. I always loved you and missed you village school. Bye.

By Nish B.

I will always treasure my time at Village. I’ll miss being a student of magnificent teachers. I’ve made some incredible friends and will miss Village School. During the 6 years I spent at village, the things I liked the most included kidtown, field trips, (especially the one where we got to see the galapagos turtles.) and hour of code. Village taught me how to become part of a community and help out. I’m excited for middle school, but will definitely miss everything at the village. (well, everything besides the fake grass in the courtyard.)

By Mia S.

I love village school so much, and there are so many things I will miss about it! First off, my favorite memory from village school is all the field trips, and the halloween carnival! I also will miss all my teachers, and how nice they were! They taught me alot, and all in all were the best! I made so many friends, and so many memories. All in all, I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot at village school.

By Matilda S.

I Really enjoyed being here at village. Now that I need to move on to middle school I will really miss Village School and all the fun activities. I have many memories but a few I enjoyed most here at village are seeing my friends, going to fun events and more. I really like how Village School is fun and the teachers help me a lot. I’ve learned almost everything i know from Village and now that I’m leaving I will take all the good memories with me.

By Kiarash K.

Hi, My name is Kiarash K, and I am a 5th grader at village school, but if you’re reading this, I’m probably in 6th+ grade. I liked many things about village, the teachers, the bully free environment and the big grassy field. My favorite school event was either kid town or the Fun Run, I also enjoyed Gina’s concert and the halloween carnival. The teachers were kind, understanding and welcoming, if someone needed help the teachers would help them. My favorite time of the school day was lunch recess. One other thing I enjoyed about Village was centers, one of my favorite centers was cooking, where we learned to make food. I will really miss Village, but I am also excited for middle school.

By Juliette W.

My time here is over and I have to go to middle school. I will always miss this school I made so many Friends. No matter how good rolling hills is it will not be better than village I will miss the field trips and the spirit days. and the and the spirit days. This school will always be close to my heart.

By Juliette R.

Kindergarten – My first year at village school my teacher, Mrs Lori, I Was with my older brother named Jonathan. He was my best friend. Then I met my best friend Lucina and we’ve been best friends for 6 years now!

First grade – I got Mrs Gina and Mr Andy and it was so fun. I had my bestfriend Lucina in that class then we met my other best friend Aby and we called each other the three muskiteers.

2nd Grade – 2nd grade wasn’t the best for me, i almost lost my best friend/my dad. I was terrified but I was still happy because I got to see my friends everyday!

3rd grade – 3rd grade was So much fun. My dad was a little bit better and I met another best friend named Yumiko! She was very hyper but very fun! And I had Mrs Aisling as my teacher. She was fun too.

4th grade – 4th grade was fun. I had Mrs Jill. She is goofy like me. She is also fun but when all of my best friends left my school, I was devastated to no longer play tag or hide and seek on the field but I had to move on.

5th grade – 5th grade was super duper fun. I had Mrs Jill again! We were mostly in covid 19 so we could not do as much as we wanted to but it was still fun. I also have another friend I have known since kindergarten named Anton!

I will miss Village so much but i love to say “this is just the beginning’

I will Miss village very much.

By David K.

I like village and I will miss it. Through all these six years I was in village it was good, I had a few rough times but it was still good. Village school is a fun place to be, the learning is challenging and the pe is fun. I wish I could stay but I have to move on.It was a fun experience being at the village and I hope to have a good time.

By Alya S.

My time at Village is up soon but my memories are definitely not. I loved Village from day one, and I will always treasure my moments. My favorite grade was 2nd because it was my first. Lexi had welcomed me to Village and has been one of my best friend since. I always loved going to art it was one of the things I was good at. I loved all of the projects and hands-on things like centers and science. Now I am in 5th grade and made so many more friends.The teacher care about their students so much and give lots of help and advice. Village will always be in my memories and will always be my FAVORITE SCHOOL!!!!!!

Reflections of a Masked Pug

By Alexis D.

My favorite thing about village is the yearbook signing.
My favorite field trip was adobe days
My advice for upcoming kinders is don’t be scared to ask a question.
The thing im looking forward to most in middle school is making new friends
My favorite center was weaving
My favorite school event was the makers fair
My favorite thing about village is the yearbook signing.


By Conrad K.

Favorite thing about Village – the community.
Favorite field trip – the SF symphony on my birthday.
Advice for incoming kinder – Have fun.
What are you looking forward to in middle school – meeting new people
Favorite Center – ancient rome.
Favorite school event – the school Camping trip

By Kaitlynn R.

Favorite thing about Village School: All the teachers
Favorite field trip: 1st grade tortoise riding.
Advice for incoming kindergarteners: 5th graders are just older kindergarteners.
What are you looking forward to in middle school: Meeting new people and playing sports.
Favorite center: Cooking Center
Favorite school event: Halloween Carnival, Fun Run

By Rowan C.

My six years at village were amazing. I loved all my teachers and getting to do all the fun activities like the galapagos turtles field trip or mission san jan batista, or the field trip to they fire station. My favorite event was the halloween party. This year I don’t get to go to science camp/walden west but, I still get to see all my friends and teachers. I’m so glad we are back in person at school! This year has been amazing, fun and lazy filled but by far this has been my best year at village.

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