Principal’s Corner

Village is a place of holistic learning, hands on collaboration and community involvement and we've been this special blend of whole child education from the beginning. Meet Village School.

On Board with GiGi Griffin

Hey everyone! Meet our fantastic PTA Board Secretary GiGi Griffin. GiGi brings amazing skill and heart to her several roles at Village School and we love her for it!

Parenting Toolbox

"Listen!" It's what we all want and it's something we can all do. Kids want to be heard just as much as anyone. Let's take a minute to consider how this one simple action can change a situation from crisis to collaboration.

Field Trip to NASA Ames

A wind tunnel, a gyroscope, a spinning axis: not sure what all of these things have in common? Ask one of our 5th graders in Ms. Sherry's class, they explored NASA Ames Research Center and have brought their knowledge back to Village.

Science Camp

We hear every week of our enterprising 5th graders raising funds for science camp (this month!) but what is science camp and how did it all start for our lucky Village kids?

Village Giving

Village School is a community that cares. Toy drives during the holiday season have provided one way for Village kids and parents to work together to bring compassion to the fore of Village consciousness.

Dolphins and Orcas Save Sea Otters! Oh My!

The food chain matters and our 1st graders know it! Through the generosity of our Village community, the 1st graders are helping to save the sea otters and therefore the health of our ocean.

Spotlight on Lunch League

Lunch league, a courageous collection of curious collaborators. While students garden, knit, learn Spanish, run and more, they are not just learning, they are finding community.