Spotlight on Positive School Climate

Six years ago, Aine O'Donovan stood outside Village School looking in (literally) and loved what she saw. Now Positive School Climate Chair, Aine describes key ways we foster this caring environment and shares some exciting new things to come.

Parenting Toolbox

Sibling fighting going on? Need help navigating this seemingly constant and challenging issue? Here's practical advice to keep your sanity and help turn their conflicts into opportunities for emotional and social growth.

What’s Going on in the Library?

Do you know how many books are in the Village Library? Read on to find out and see what changes are happening to make our library an even better resource for our kids!

The Water Project

The drought is on everyone's mind these days but none more so than our 2nd graders, who've spent the past two months exploring and expressing the problem through art with the help of Montalvo's artist-in-residence, Michele Guieu.

Villagers out in the World of Middle School

Can a Village graduate handle a "normal" middle school? That's a question we've all heard or even wondered to ourselves. We decided to ask and what we found were Village alumni thriving at a variety of middle schools.

Spotlight on Oregon

An interview with the Space Snakes former class pet, Oregon, a duck who was almost somebody's snack but now lives comfortably at home with teacher Aline!

Adventures in 4th and 5th grade, reported by 4th and 5th graders!

What's happening with the BMXing Banana Slugs and the California Waves? They tell us themselves through their student-produced classroom newsletters.

Egg Drop

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! No, that's just Principal David sending about 200 would-be chicken littles hurling towards the ground at our annual Village School Egg Drop!

Resources for Giving Opportunities

A list of Community Service opportunities available in our local area...

4th Grade Field Trip to Black Diamond Mines

Now how's this for a little "mine craft"? Our 4th graders took a field trip to the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Guess what? They really dug it!

Window into Village

Take a peak into some of the Village activities during Winter and Spring…