Principal’s Corner

Through many "systems" Village has woven a fabric of empathy and connection. Principal David brings lessons learned at a recent conference to help continue that melding of positive school climate programs with the glue of creating and strengthening connections with and between the students.

Farewell to our Graduating Parents

We say goodbye and good luck to several beautiful families this year. We wish them well and we thank them for their seemingly unlimited gifts of time and care for this community and for all of our kids.

5th Grade Reflections

Grab your tissues for this one. Years spent at Village can mean a lot not just to the student but to the family. We asked parents of 5th graders to reflect on their time spent at Village and how it feels to be part of a graduating class of Villagers.

Parenting Toolbox

Two questions to ask ourselves as we usher in summer. Are you doing for your child things that she could do for herself? Are you doing so much for your child that you are not doing anything for yourself?

Reading with Grandma Toni

Through the generosity of a visiting family relative, Village 2nd and 3rd graders had the opportunity to learn about and discuss the civil rights movement. This interaction with a "primary source" was a rich and deeply engaging experience for all who participated.

Judge Brown Visits 4th and 5th Grade

The Honorable Judge Shelyna Brown of the Santa Clara County Superior Court graciously paid a visit to Village 4th and 5th grades where she held a discussion with the students about the impact of the civil rights movement on her personal life and the importance of participating in our government at all levels. Court was in session!

Our 3rd Graders Share Their Opinions!

The third graders at Village know some stuff and they want to share! Read their opinions on vacation spots, pets, and homework. Careful though, these are PERSUASIVE articles!

Natural Disasters – S. J. Tech Challenge Team

Five Village seizmic engineers put STEM in motion as they designed, created and presented an earthquake proof structure at this year's Tech Challenge.

Village Community Service Takes a Field Trip

A group of our 2nd graders had the chance to experience the power of giving of yourself to help others. Teacher Chris and the Surfing Sea Otters went on a hands on field trip that is sure to become a new Village tradition.

Walden West with the Disco Dolphins!

Hammering, tracing, hiking quietly past a family of deer, story hour and planting - our Disco Dolphins experienced it all in the beautiful mountains at Walden West.

Village Alumni Interview

A Villager all grown up?! Merlin Huff graduated from Village in 1999 and checked in with us to let us know how he is doing and what lessons from Village he took through to adulthood.

California Waves Newsletter

The California Waves Press has been busy churning out another informative newsletter. The May news captures the Waves' enthusiasm documenting the ramp up to Village events including the Science Fair, the Fun Run, and the 4th grade trip to Sacramento!

Kinders Movin’ On Up

Kindergarten is a big year, but these kinders are ready for first grade now! Here are some kinder thoughts on what they loved about kindergarten and what their next step might look like.

Class Tiles

From Silly Superheros to BMXing Banana Slugs, take a peek at a wonderful Village tradition ...