Principal’s Corner

"The shift has happened." Principal David discusses how Village has adapted to meet the unique needs of our 21st century learners.

Meet the President

Our new PTA President, Carol H., brings nearly a decade of experience at Village to the Board. Read about her unique perspective on our special community.

Spotlight on Our New Staff

Talia may be our newest teacher on staff, but she's not so new to Village. The Village mom-turned-teacher is now the esteemed leader of the 4th/5th grade Fearless Falcons.

Rising Young Author

Village's Amanda S. was recently awarded a Rising Young Author award by the Campbell Unified School District.

Full STEAM Ahead

Centers are off and running full STEAM. Find out more about the programs your kids will be participating in this year.

A New Village Family

Get to know one of our newest Village families. Melissa B. tells us how her family ended up a part of our wonderful community.

Parenting Toolbox

Does your family have a core set of values and purpose? Consider a mission statement to help guide your choices and decisions as a family.

Camping Trip Reflections

Hear what both our most seasoned and our newest families have to say about this year's camping trip.

Reflections from a Parent Volunteer

A veteran parent shares her perspective and advice on the value and importance of being a Village volunteer.

Walden West: Getting There is Half the Fun!

The 5th grade trip to Science Camp is about so much more than just science... It's the journey that is half the fun!

Young Tritons: Zombie Edition

The Young Triton's Running Club has been preparing to out-run zombies this Halloween weekend. But running is not all they do at practices...

Village by the Numbers

In August, we welcomed 279 students back to school. Five of them were named Jack! See more fun stats, as we break-down this year's Village community.