Principal’s Corner

Wondering where our teachers disappear to during their planning days? Principal David sheds some light on this long-debated mystery.

Equity in Our Village

CUSD employs a full-time Equity Administrator, as well as an Equity Coach at each district school. What is the purpose and function of these roles?

Parenting Toolbox

Veteran parent, instructor and therapist, Steve S. offers tips for how to restore and repair the relationship with your child after an emotional or hurtful interaction.

A New Village Family

This new Kinder family was drawn to Village for the active parent involvement, focus on positive school climate, and innovative centers program.

Opening the Door to a New Dimension

Our upper grade students are generating designs and physical objects to tickle the brain and tease the imagination.

Kinders Travel the World

In the tradition of Flat Stanley, our Kinders have made flat dolls, and sent them traveling all over the world. Take a look at their adventures!

Meet the ABC Readers

A group of special parents, selected by teachers, have been reading and discussing our ABC Books with your kids all year. Find out who they are!

Looking (A) (B)it (C)loser at the ABC Books

Ever wondered what the ABC books are actually about? Read on for a more in-depth look at each of this year's books.

Our Not-So-Silent Auction

Under the big top, parents were anything but silent at this year's school auction. But did all the fun and dancing translate into fundraising success? Find out here!

A Lesson in Shooting Stars

Reflections on the transformational experience of Walden West, and lifelong lessons in friendship.

What Goes Up…

Students employ all of their STEAM skills to cushion a raw egg from a dramatic fall at the annual Village Egg Drop.

A Village Rises

Students, parents and staff took a stand against hunger, packaging 16,000 meals for communities in need.