Principal’s Corner

A tribute to our amazing and accomplished students, and to the work they have done this year.

Superflex and the Dancing Birds

The Dancing Birds are learning how to defeat 'Unthinkable' villains by projecting their own internal superheroes.

The Cute Cupcakes Report

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Lori's Cute Cupcakes are on the beat and keeping us all up-to-date!

What’s Your Opinion?

Our First Grade Firecrackers sure are opinionated! In fact, they've been learning to express their opinions in writing. Read what they think on various important topics, and why...

Into the Wild

The Courageous Cats researched some of the fastest, smartest, cutest and most interesting creatures to roam our Earth.

Rockin’ Redwoods Report

The Rockin' Redwoods share stories and learning opportunities that they found impactful.

Water and Art with Montalvo

See the amazing creativity of our 2nd graders, taught weekly by Montalvo Artist Michele Gueiu as part of their integrated study on science, art and water.

Protecting our Watershed

2nd graders learned about our local watershed, our oceans and what we can do to protect them.

“We Hope We Have Convinced You…”

2nd graders are here to persuade you! Check out their compelling arguments for everything from saving our National Parks to installing a parkour gym at school.

Wish Poems

The Smart Sushi Rolls make wishing on a dandelion, quite literally, an art form.

The Best Part of Me

The Smart Sushi Rolls wax poetic about their favorite body parts.

Puppy ‘Pinions

Roberta's Powerful Puppies sure have a lot to say.

Reflections on Peregrine Falcons

The Snowboarding Snow Leopards share their thoughts about two magnificent birds, who return each year to nest at San Jose City Hall.

A Collection of Work from the Tropical Tree Frogs

Jill’s Tropical Tree Frogs share their favorite pieces of work.

My School Year Reflections

The Fearless Falcons are moving up! See what they value and remember fondly from their time at Village.

Book Recommendations By Kids, For Kids

Need something to read poolside this summer? Check out our list of summer reading recommendations for kids, by kids.