Principal’s Corner

A relatively new concept in education, but not at Village... Principal David explains how 'Universal Design for Learning' naturally aligns with our core values.

Parenting Toolbox

New Parent Ed Trainer, Matt H., overcomes the instinctive human reaction not to impose and discovers the very real benefits of a helping hand.

Village by the Numbers

In August, we welcomed 274 students back to school. Ten of them were named either Jack, or Amelia! See more fun stats, as we break-down this year's Village community.

Children and Natural Disasters

Valuable resources for helping your children cope in the aftermath of natural disasters, from Village mom and Child Studies faculty member, Brett S.

Bound for Success

Village's own Taylor U. was awarded the Rising Young Author award for her book, My Name is Cumulus, about a rambunctious young cloud and his 'weathered' family.

Ben Franklin and Germs

What do Benjamin Franklin and germs have in common? They can both be found on the $100 bill? True, but no. They are both exciting, new STEAM Centers this year. Read on to learn more!

Friend Wanted

The Aloha Pineapples are so lonely that they're advertising for friends! Read on to see whether you make the cut as a BFF.

Beware: Spookiness

For one issue only, our Harmonious Humus morph into the Haunted Humus, to frighten you with their spooky poetry. Read at your own risk!

Food 4 Thought

Armed with math, budgeting and negotiation skills, students made some fresh and healthy choices at our annual Farmer's Market.

Villagers Arrive at School in New and Exciting Ways

Ever heard of a Yuba Mundo or a Bakefiets? Learn about these cool modes of transportation and the Village families who use them.

Camping Trip Reflections

Hear what both our most seasoned and our newest families have to say about this year's camping trip.

Book Tasting. Reservations Only

Welcome to Aisling's Café, where books are the specialty of the day and tastings are on the menu.

On Board with Anne

Meet our amazing new Membership Chair, and find out why she may be coming soon to a classroom near you!

On Board with Amilia

Meet our new Positive School Climate Chair and find out why chocolate, books and passports are 'the simple bare necessities' of her household.

A New Village Family

Meet Sparkly Diamond Joslyn's family, and find out why they are "one perfect mix"!

Truth as Great as Fiction

In an effort to dispel the reputation of non-fiction as 'non-cool,' the Village Library Team introduces the exciting new books on its shelves.