Principal’s Corner

Principal David highlights how our teachers are embracing a vital shift in education.

Message from the Golden Phoenixes

An important and unsolicited message from Teacher Jill's 4th grade class to Village parents.

Connect before Correct

Teacher Talia shares her experience that children will move toward cooperation when they sense care, respect and dignity from an adult.

Parenting Toolbox

Parent Ed Trainer Lynn L. reflects on the importance of asset building in our community.

Meet the Kinders

Learn more about the Sparkly Diamonds and Radical Rainbows, who were interviewed by their older Reading Buddies (the Harmonious Humus) this past winter. (Part 2 in a three part series)

100 Year Old Pineapples

Get a glimpse of what our youthful third graders will look like in all of their wrinkled glory, as they contemplate what they will see, think, feel, eat, hear, be and remember at 100 years old.

Village Bridges (Not) Falling Down

Our second graders are officially engineering geniuses, with the ability to turn 100 popsicles and some glue into structural masterpieces capable of sustaining 50 pounds of weight!

Village by the Language

Our students are wonderfully diverse and incredibly talented. Here's a fascinating glimpse into the wide variety of foreign languages our students speak!

Walden West Reflections

The 5th Graders have much to say about their long-anticipated science camp experience!

Let Them Eat Cake — King’s Cake

Tradition is one of the best gifts we can give to our children. We've asked some of our international Village families to share about a special holiday and how they celebrate. We begin this issue in France, with New Year King's Cake...

Big Drum Small World

The Surfin' Second Graders watched Big Drum Small World at Villa Montalvo--an interactive introduction to jazz music.

Exploring a Salt Marsh

Our third graders spent the day exploring and learning at the Baylands Interpretive Center. They even found some Rapunzel's Hair. Confused? Read on!

Spotlight On the Board

Meet our amazing and wonderful Vice President, Mandy!

Meet a Village Family

Meet one of our Village's many international families and find out why they made the long journey from China to California.

An Enchanted Evening

Auction night was an enchanted evening indeed. Check out what you missed and find out if the magical event was also a fundraising success!

A Village Rising

In what has become an annual tradition, our Village community — young and old, student and teacher, parent and staff — came together to take a stand against hunger.