Principal’s Corner

Not only are our students taking ownership of their learning, our teachers are too, as they explore how to implement UDL in their own classrooms.

Parenting Toolbox

Our Parent Ed Lead explains why family meetings have been such an effective tool in her household, and how you can start your own.

Focus on Solutions

First grade teacher, Aline, shares her personal experience 'focusing on solutions' when a child encounters a problem.

5th Grade Student Reflections

Our graduating 5th graders reflect on their time at Village and bid a final farewell to their elementary school years.

Graduating Parent Reflections

Departing parents reflect on their time and experiences in our Village.

Spotlight On the Board

Meet our amazing and wonderful Communications Chair, Deanna and Financial Secretary, Denise!

Spotlight on Volunteers

A special spotlight on two of our most dedicated parents –  Volunteer of the Year, Veronica, and Classified Employee of the Year, Alex!

Meet Two Village Families

This issue, we've upped the ante and are featuring two of our fantastic Village families! Learn what brought them from across the world to our little Village.

Pineapples & Canaries Are Opinionated!

Our third graders have a lot to say, about almost everything!

Talented Toucans Name a Falcon

Our 4th and 5th grader's falcon name was selected as a winning entry by San Jose City Hall! Find out what the newest peregrine falcon is called and why.

Meet the Kinders

Learn more about the Sparkly Diamonds and Radical Rainbows, who were interviewed by their older Reading Buddies (the Harmonious Humus) this past winter. (Part 3 in a three part series)

Photography Fun

Learn about one of our new and exciting lower grade centers and the enthusiastic parents leading it!

A Book Club at Village

Did you know Village has a Book Club for 4th and 5th graders? Learn more about the thought-provoking and meaningful books our upper graders have been exploring!

Village Maker’s Faire

From homemade soap to gooey slime, from hand-crafted artisan jars to tasty BBQ ribs, the annual Village Maker’s Faire had something for everybody!

Google Hangouts Around the World

Our 4th and 5th graders are 'hanging out' with students from all over the country. Find out how they make these virtual connections!

Girls on the Run at Village!

Parent Volunteer Coaches reflect on what this special program is all about.