Principal’s Corner

Principal David highlights all that we are doing, and doing with purpose, to grow healthy, caring and contributing members of not only our learning community, but beyond!

Village School Rally

We all belong. We are all significant. As we work, learn, and play, we come together with compassion and respect.

Spotlight on Lucky

Our own Ace Ventura Pet Detective (aka Natalie) sits down with the Lily & Naomi's dog, Lucky, to learn what it's like to be one of Village's favorite furry friends.

Everyone is an Asset Builder

Be an Asset Builder! Project Cornerstone readies parents to support kids' developmental growth, inside and out of the classroom....

A Howlin’ Fun Carnival

Plop! Splat! Whoosh! Splash! Good sportsmanship prevailed as carnival-crazy volunteers stepped up to be dunked, pie-splattered, charmed, and spooked.

On Board with Carol and Judi

These two veteran Village moms and Board Members are in their sixth year at our school. Both agree - fulfilling our membership commitments is an important way to support the Board, our classrooms and each other.

Field Tripping with the Kindergartners

Making memories: Jazzy Jellybeans and Magical Peacocks discover interesting people and places beyond Village's green gates.

Center Stage – Upper Grade

Colors! Coordination! Confidence! Kids juggle and cook, while developing their brains at the same time. How cool is that?

It’s Pizza Time!

Turkey basters aren't just for turkeys? It's true! Pizza my Heart spills the beans on how they use the baster year round to warm the hearts of our local pizza lovers.

Window into Village

A glimpse of Fall's activities show the spirit of Village in action.

Fifth Grade Fundraising for Science Camp

Taking on roles in Project Management, Marketing and Production, our 5th graders raise money to go to Science Camp.

Our Rising Young Author

This rising young author talks about her own writing and shares tips and advice on how she would inspire others to write.

Rocking with Street Beat

2nd graders stomp, pop and cheer for Street Beat, an innovative band featuring repurposed percussion, at Villa Montalvo.

Center Stage – Lower Grade

You've got mail! The good old fashioned way this time - signed, sealed and delivered! And if it isn't a Fuzzy Gram, maybe it came the real old fashioned way, the Ancient Egyptian Way - on Papyrus Plant?

Lunchtime Fun

Whether you're taking it apart or sewing it up, Lunch League offers additional recess fun. Check it out!

Walk and Roll to School

So, how do you roll? Whether it's on a bike, a scooter or a wagon, if you live within a mile of the school, and your child is walking or rolling to school, they are part of just 35% of kids that do so.