Principal’s Corner

Principal David shares how our positive school climate and caring community make us a distinguished school in so many ways.

On Board With Jess Hardy

In this continuing Q&A series, Village Board members talk about life on and off campus: volunteering, community, family and school stewardship.

Window into Village – Jump for Heart

Take a peak into Village during the Jump for Heart event...

Westward Ho, Village 5th Graders!

Westward Ho! Fifth graders imagine themselves as 19th century pioneers on the dusty western trail.

Fifth Grade Positive School Climate Rally – Accepting Differences

"It's OK to not be the best at everything." "It's OK to have a different style." Village all-school rallies communicate messages of tolerance, empathy and more.

Montalvo Art – A Journey through Forces and Motion

The STEM to STEAM Initiative takes second-grade students on an inter-active science/art adventure. Montalvo Arts Center teaching artist Michele Guieu introduces the concepts of push/pull, gravity and friction, which children explore using 2D and 3D mediums.

Learning to Think Outside the Box

Successful. Creative. Intelligent. Self-motivated. Do these adjectives describe the adult you are growing your child to be? Parent Kaitlyn Murphy explores the process of finding the "right" school for her family.

Parent Ed: Spring Cleaning Together

Comedian Phyllis Diller once said, "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." Can you relate? Village parent-ed team facilitator Amy Dalziel shares ideas on how to make spring cleaning eas(ier) and fun.

Sharing with the Magical Peacocks

The Magical Peacocks share favorite things and make new friends, while building self-esteem and language skills.

Center Stage

Create! Build! Imagine! Shi! Our upper/lower-grade Centers continue to teach, motivate and inspire students. Discover what they're learning.

CAT-ch Me If You Can!

This year's Fun Run logo design winner, Marvelous Maverick Anna, shares the inspiration behind her artwork.

Solution Team Update

It takes a Village: Solution Teams partner teachers and students to work together with compassion and respect. Co-Leads Teachers Aisling and Shannon share feedback from this successful program.

Lunchtime Fun

Whether you're running laps or programming run-away robots, Lunch League offers additional recess fun. Check it out!

Bridge Building

What do concrete, steel, stone and popsicle sticks have in common? They're all materials used to build bridges! Architect and VS parent Mariana Alvarez Parga talks Form & Function with enthusiastic 2nd grade emergent engineers.

You Make A Difference

Signed, sealed and delivered . . . Students warm parents' hearts with "You Make a Difference" cards.

Cooking With Character

Who is a friend? Teacher Gina explores gratitude, forgiveness and friendship in Cooking with Character.