Principal’s Corner

We’ve talked about Common Core Standards for some time now. This year we’re putting them into action. Principal David shares his thoughts on what that means for our students, our teachers, and our families.

On Board With Jess

Engaging and connecting can make someone’s day and it might just be your own! For our PTA President, it’s all about building relationships and enjoying our uniquely caring community.

Spotlight on our New Staff

What better addition to our marvelous teaching staff than a second-generation teacher and veteran Village mom. Meet Michelle Goetowski, 4th Grade teacher of the California Waves.

Back To School

263 students showed up for the first day back at school. Want to know more data about our school and view some images from that first day? Read on…

Camping Trip Reflections

To camp or not to camp, that is the question. Newbie and veteran families agree: no matter how you “do” the camping trip, a good time will be had by all.

Parenting Toolbox

New to Positive Discipline? Three tips to keep in mind as you begin to put your training into practice in the classroom, around the school yard, and at home.

Center Stage

Sure Centers helped us earn a California Distinguished School Award in 2014 but you know what’s cooler than that? They’re a ton of fun and get our kids excited about learning!

School Survival and Parenting Tips

We took a look back at our archives and found some of our best advice for getting through this time of year with your sanity in check!

Window into Village

Who are all of these awesome kids? Why are they smiling and what the heck are they up to?